MacArthur Foundation features ExpandNet in Population & Reproductive Health News

MacArthur Fdtn Nigeria workshop with caption

Reflecting on 18 years of MacArthur Foundation support to ExpandNet: The MacArthur Foundation’s Population & Reproductive Health team featured a recent blog with an interview with ExpandNet Secretariat member Laura Ghiron to discuss the network’s history, legacy and future directions. The Foundation has been a critical and steadfast champion of ExpandNet’s work since its inception in 2003 when the process of scaling up was less-widely discussed. The post in MacArthur’s Population & Reproductive Health News features written excerpts and a video from a much longer interview, and includes a few photos of ExpandNet work across development sectors over the past 18 years of MacArthur Foundation support.

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Advancing scale up

ExpandNet is an informal network of global health and development professionals who seek to advance the science and practice of scale up.




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