Annual Workshop of the CoP on scaling up development outcomes

CoP 2021 Annual Workshop

The nexus of scaling and systems change; institutionalizing a scale up focus within government and donor agencies, and identifying principles of scale up across disciplines; these were some of the themes of the November 2021 workshop of the Community of Practice on Scaling up Development Outcomes led by Larry Cooley and Johannes Linn.

The annual workshop was held online for the second year in a row and consisted of three cross-sectoral plenaries and nine technical working group sessions, including Health’s, between November 8-23, 2021.

The Health Technical Working Group facilitated a lively conversation on mainstreaming a scaling focus within nongovernmental, technical, and implementing organizations. Key lessons were discussed, including creating a shared vision with those intended to adopt the interventions on a wider scale, incorporating attention to scale up from Day 1, and developing a scale up mindset across  partnerships.

The objective of the workshop was to come away with key takeaways for developing the CoP program of work for 2022 and beyond.

The purpose of the Scaling CoP, which now has more than 1200 members, is to bring together experts and practitioners interested in scaling the impact of development interventions, to professionalize the field of scale up and to exchange experience and share knowledge about what works for scaling across sectors.

To join the Scaling Community of Practice and to gain access to the annual meeting recordings, view working papers and access past newsletters that contain cutting edge work of members, please visit this page.


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