Newest addition to the ExpandNet toolkit: The Implementation Mapping Tool


ExpandNet is pleased to share the newly revised version of the Implementation Mapping Tool (IMT), which is the latest addition to our toolkit. This guidance is intended to support projects to use a participatory process to capture and document learning and to engage in adaptive management of the scale-up process. The IMT provides a template to focus discussion and to document key insights based on learning questions related to scale up. This enables teams to identify how and why results were (or were not) achieved throughout the project and to make necessary adaptations.

The IMT was initially developed for application in the field of health. However, to date it has been field tested by projects scaling up interventions across multiple sectors, addressing a range of issues including: family planning and reproductive health, adolescent and youth services, education, changing gender norms and developing health program managers’ capacity to use data for decision making. ExpandNet hopes that organizations and projects will use the IMT and share any learning with its application with us through the Contact us page.

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