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NEW TOOL: "Beginning with the end in mind: Planning pilot projects and other programmatic research for successful scaling up"

This short new ExpandNet/WHO guidance document, which is a working draft, provides 12 recommendations and a checklist to help build scaling up considerations into projects from the outset. In this way one can anticipate and plan ahead for eventual scale up from the earliest stages of designing a pilot, demonstration or other operations research intervention.  

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Nine-Step Guide and Worksheets for Developing a Scaling-up Strategy

ExpandNet/WHO has prepared a nine-step guide to assist program managers, technical assistance personnel, researchers and policy makers with the process of developing a scaling-up strategy. This document has been used in a facilitated process of strategy development with program/project managers from a range of countries including Guatemala, India, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mali, Peru, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Yunnan, China.

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The Nine Step Guide can be used together with a set of worksheets in a participatory process of strategy development. The worksheets contain a range of detailed questions related to the steps of the strategy development process. Recommendations that arise from answering these questions provide the building blocks of the scaling-up strategy.

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A brief is available that lays out how ExpandNet has applied the Nine Step Guide and worksheets in a facilitated, participatory process with key stakeholders. The brief discusses the experience and lessons learned in providing technical assistance in the process of scaling-up strategy development in eight countries.

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Practical Guidance for Scaling Up Health Service Innovations

This ExpandNet/WHO document provides a more comprehensive examination of scaling up than the Nine-Step Guide. For example, it focuses not only on how to scale up innovations but suggests ways to strategically plan and manage scaling up. This document was developed in response to the need expressed by program managers, policy makers and technical assistance personnel for practical guidance to assist with the process of scaling up.

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ExpandNet multimedia

ExpandNet has prepared a series of multimedia presentations that highlight different issues in scaling-up experience. Of special note is the first presentation that lays out the ExpandNet framework for scaling up.

ExpandNet/WHO book with framework and country case studies

ExpandNet members collaborated in the preparation of a book published by WHO. The book is comprised of papers originally presented at a Bellagio 2003 conference entitled "From Pilot Projects to Policies and Programs". It presents a framework for scaling up and seven country case studies. This book has been published by WHO and is available for purchase or download via this website in PDF form.

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Scaling-up Bibliography

This bibliography includes publications, websites, grey literature, and conference reports that either directly address scaling up or provide valuable insights on scaling up. Included are materials from the health, family planning and development fields as well as selected pieces from vast literatures on the diffusion of innovation, technology or knowledge transfer, research or knowledge utilization, research dissemination, putting research into practice as well as literature from the policy, organization and management sciences.

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20 Questions to guide development of retrospective case studies in scaling up

Upon request of the Implementing Best Practices Initiative, and together with Management Systems International, ExpandNet developed a guideline of 20 questions to support the development of retrospective case studies of scaling up experiences.

The guideline grew out of the awareness that a number of IBP partners had a great deal of experience in the area of scaling up but that documentation was sparse. We hope that other projects can make use of the guideline to help formulate publications. It would be especially helpful to refer to our Practical Guide when preparing documentation related to these questions.

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Publications by ExpandNet members

Additional publications by ExpandNet members that are not contained in the Scaling-up Bibliography are available.

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eldwork ~ Kyrgyzstan

Learning about local needs ~ Paraguay

Health center ~ Guatemala

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