Practical Guidance for
Scaling Up Health Innovations

Scaling up is both an art and a science. As a multi-dimensional process, it pertains to much more than technology transfer and the dissemination of information. It is a social, political and institutional process that engages multiple actors, interest groups and organizations. ExpandNet/WHO has developed three guidance documents for policymakers, program managers, donors and individuals providing technical assistance to programs.

The Practical Guide is based on an analysis of a broad range of literatures including health and family planning, social sciences, organization sciences and international development. It is also based on the experience of ExpandNet members working on scaling-up initiatives in different parts of the world including countries implementing the Strategic Approach to Strengthening Reproductive Health Policies and Programmes and from scaling-up efforts in China and Ghana. The Practical Guide identifies general principles and makes very specific, concrete suggestions.

In addition, ExpandNet has developed a document entitled Nine Steps for Developing a Scaling Up Strategy. It provides stepwise guidance to teams or projects who already have a proven innovation in hand and wish to scale it up to reach further. This guide is also now available in French and Spanish. The Nine Step Guide is used together with a set of related worksheetsto facilitate the development of scaling up strategies. To read more about how ExpandNet has used this guidance and the related worksheets to support the development of scaling up strategies in several countries around the world see our brief.

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ExpandNet/WHO Nine-step guide for strategy development

ExpandNet / WHO Practical Guide

A framework for scaling up

Ensuring sustainable scaling up

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