National Level

Development of a national scale-up plan

The purpose of this step is to develop a plan to scale up the application of the approved standards in a phased manner. This will need to be done by the national unit that is driving the initiative in collaboration with its stakeholders.

Step wise implementation is key to success. One of the reasons for this is that at the initial phase the strategies, tools need to be fully tested in the local situation. It is at this stage that the need for further adaptation of materials - or missing pieces - is identified and carried out.

The national programme Geraçao Biz  in Mozambique is a good example of phased geographical scaling up.

Alongside the geographical scaling up, there is also a need for "institutional" scaling up.  The national standards implementation will point to the various actions to embed AFHS more firmly in the health system policies and procedures.

Examples of scale up:


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