National Level

Development / revision of health sector strategy within a multisectoral strategy

The purpose of this step is to support the development of a health sector strategy within the context of a multisectoral strategy addressing one or more health issues. The importance of this step in relation to the scaling up of the innovation resides in ensuring the legitimacy and political support to sustain the scaling up process over a longer period of time. Section 8 and Section 9 of the WHO report Health for the Worlds’ Adolescents: A second chance in a second decade  highlights some of the most important policies by health and other sectors that helps improve and maintain the health of adolescents. The report shows examples from countries how these policies were implemented and scaled-up.

WHO has developed a rapid programme review tool that supports the development of national strategies as well reviews whether its implementation is on course. More than the situation analysis this process focuses on programmatic and strategic aspects. 

WHO developed several working papers to support policy makers, particularly to apply the 4-S strategy to HIV, pregnancy prevention and mental health. In addition there is document on "Facts for policy makers" on adolescent health as well as a working paper on how to develop policies.

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Tools of the European Strategy for child and adolescent health and development:

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WHO/CAH publication
WHO/CAH publication on the 4-S framework and systematic process


WHO/CAH case study
WHO/CAH case studies

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