Health facility Level

Development of a plan to improve quality

In this step, the managers of health facilities together with the staff will develop a plan to improve the quality of health-service provision.

It is good practice to establish a quality improvement team, headed by a dedicated and respected staff member. The South Africa case study provides and good example of this.

Health facility managers often require support to do this, especially at the initial stage. District health officials could provide this support. In countries where a mentoring agency has been engaged to support the district health management this task may be assigned to them. The NAFCI programme in South Africa assigned this task to regional NAFCI coordinators (see page 27).

There are good generic tools that health facility managers could use in specific areas of quality improvement.

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WHO/CAH publication
WHO/CAH publication on the 4-S framework and systematic process


WHO/CAH case study
WHO/CAH case studies

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