Health facility Level

Orienting health facility staff

This step is about orienting health facility staff on the rationale for the quality improvement initiative, and to build their capacity to implement and monitor it.

Depending on the country, this will be done by district health officials, with support from officials in the national or state/provincial/regional level. In some countries a mentoring agency - a university or an NGO - has been engaged to support the district health management. Such an organization can provide support in orienting the health workers on how to implement the standards and strengthen the team's monitoring capacities.

Illustrative example:

After five years of implementing the national AFHS standards in Tanzania, the Ministry of Health carried out a survey among nine randomly selected districts in 2009.  The survey data concluded that overall 40% of health workers had received some type of training on adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Training coverage levels varied strongly with levels ranging from 0% in Karatu district to 76% in Rungwe district.

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