District Level

Orientation of health facility managers

In this step, the managers of health facilities in the district will be oriented on the rationale for this initiative and their role in it.

The focus is on the functions that they need to carry out:

  • Assess the quality assessment of the health facility to determine areas where the quality is low (in relation to the standards).
  • Develop a quality improvement plan.
  • Oversee the implementation of the quality improvement plan.
  • Carry out re-assessment of quality, to monitor progress towards the achievement of standards for health service provision to adolescents.

Depending on the country, this could be done by the state/provincial/regional level health officials in conjunction with the district health officials. In some countries institutions have been engaged by the Ministry to  mentor the organizations during the early application phase. These mentoring organizations have supported the district health management teams in various tasks and that included orientating and assisting facility managers.

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WHO/CAH publication
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