ExpandNet work in countries

Assistance to country teams: ExpandNet/WHO has developed a methodology and a process for working with country teams in a systematic reflection and planning process that uses the ExpandNet framework as a guide. To date ExpandNet/WHO members have collaborated with country teams in Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mali, Peru, Sierra Leone, and twice in China to develop strategies to scale up their successful pilot or demonstration projects. For example:

• In Mali, where contraceptive prevalence has remained at five percent for the last ten years, ExpandNet/WHO has collaborated with colleagues from the Institute for Reproductive Health of Georgetown University and the Ministry of Health to develop a strategy to scale up the integration of the Standard Days Method into the family planning program.

• In Kyrgyzstan ExpandNet/WHO has worked with UNFPA and the Ministry of Health to institutionalize the innovative Stronger Voices for sexual and reproductive health project. The project mobilizes young people and communities while at the same time improving service delivery. Ongoing health sector reform provides promising opportunities for integrating these innovations into the national reform process.

Steps in the Strategy Development Process

The ExpandNet/WHO practical, participatory approach to supporting scaling-up strategy development involves the following steps:

Materials translation and other preparatory steps: The country team provides background materials to help ExpandNet members prepare for a country visit. ExpandNet tools are sent to country teams tasked with supporting scaling-up. The country team arranges document translation and shares these with team members and relevant stakeholders prior to the arrival of an ExpandNet team. Phone/Skype conversations take place in preparation of the visits as needed.

• Initial meeting with project team: The first in–country activity is a meeting between the country team and the ExpandNet team to discuss plans and activities related to scaling-up and how ExpandNet resources and technical support can assist in informing the development of scaling-up strategies for the pilot activities.

• Site Visits: The ExpandNet and country team members make site visits to understand the local context and perspectives relevant to developing project strategies for scaling-up. During these visits, discussions with local providers, program managers, community members and clients provide opportunities to listen and learn from the perspectives of people in the field. This information helps guide the development of appropriate and sustainable scaling-up strategies.

• Workshop: Following field-visits, a two-to-three day in-country participatory workshop involving key local and national-level representatives is organized to analyze project experiences and to review and/or develop strategies for scaling up project activities. The workshop uses ExpandNet tools in the strategy-development and planning process.

• Follow-Up: Follow-up support after the country visits is provided through several mechanisms including: 1) E-mail, Skype and/or telephone-based consultations between ExpandNet team members and the country teams; and 2) subsequent country visits.

eldwork ~ Kyrgyzstan

Learning about local needs ~ Paraguay

Health center ~ Guatemala

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