Who we are

ExpandNet is a global network of representatives from international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions, ministries of health and specific projects who seek to advance the science and practice of scaling up. Begun in 2003, the founding members include public health professionals who have been active participants in scaling-up initiatives including those implementing the WHO-sponsored Strategic Approach to Strengthening Reproductive Health Policies and Programmes in countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Members also include individuals from technical assistance and donor agencies and people with expertise and interest in issues related to scaling up.

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Why ExpandNet?

A global movement has emerged to promote access for disadvantaged populations to quality reproductive and primary health services that show respect for individual dignity, reproductive rights, informed decision-making and gender sensitivity. A key strategy for reaching these goals has been to organize small-scale projects designed to test service innovations which have the potential for achieving these outcomes. However, these projects are frequently not replicated on a broader scale and therefore fail to have significant reach. Although some initiatives have a deliberate focus on scaling up innovations, there have been few opportunities to share lessons learned. ExpandNet members identified a need to share experience, to study the determinents of successful and sustainable scaling up and to provide practical guidance.

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Scaling up defined

ExpandNet defines scaling up as "deliberate efforts to increase the impact of health innovations tested in pilot or experimental projects so as to benefit more people and to foster policy and program development on a lasting basis." This definition is more specific than when the term is used in a general sense to mean broadening the impact of existing or new practices.

ExpandNet's Mission

To promote equitable access to high quality health services by ensuring that the benefits achieved in successful pilot and experimental projects are expanded to serve more people, more quickly and in a sustainable manner

Goals and Objectives

• To advance the science and practice of scaling up

• To develop the capacity of health systems to provide expanding access to quality reproductive and primary health care services with a focus on gender, equity, and empowerment

• To stimulate comparative analysis of scaling-up initiatives across programs, regions and nations

• To support and expand a network of public health professionals and scientists working on scaling-up initiatives

• To foster dialogue among public health professionals, policy makers and scientists involved in scaling up and to create opportunities for experiential learning across nations and regions of the world

• To provide a mechanism for cross-site, south to south collaborations for technical support, evaluation, development of toolkits, practical guides and research related to scaling up

• To inventory published and unpublished materials and resources related to scaling up; to document scaling-up experience; to publish scientific papers, guides, and toolkits and to disseminate lessons learned

The Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach ~ Bolivia

Field visits ~ Viet Nam

Interviewing in Guatemala

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