ExpandNet Discussion Series on Scaling Up


Peter Fajans (WHO, Department of Reproductive Health and Research) and Ruth Simmons (University of Michigan School of Public Health) of the ExpandNet Secretariat present the history of ExpandNet, our definition of scaling up, and the ExpandNet/WHO framework for scaling up including the elements of the framework and key lessons learned. (25 minutes)

Margarita Diaz, President of Reprolatina, a Brazilian reproductive health training and education NGO, discusses her experience building capacity for scaling up an innovative training and educational approach in the Reprolatina Project. (15 minutes)

Albina Alimova of the NGO Reproductive Health Alliance in Kyrgyzstan addresses important considerations when scaling up a community-based adolescent health pilot project from the Issykul region to the rest of the country.

Juan Diaz of Reprolatina in Brazil discusses his experience with scaling up in decentralized settings and the issue of sustainability. (9 minutes)